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About ATEK

ATEK is a staffing company that is delivering innovation, value, and insight to our clients and consultants. As a world class information technology service provider to many businesses, we incorporate solution-based staffing practices to match clients with top talent for short-term, long-term, or even permanent staffing needs. We strive to match our clients with the top consultants and professionals in positions and jobs in which they will exceed and thrive. With these things in mind our goals are to drive business growth for clients, elevate client experiences, and mobilize the talent we have at our disposal in order to do so.

What Can You Expect From ATEK?

By understanding our client and consultant goals we can match clients under a customized solution scaled to meet and long or short term goals to match them with the proper talent, helping them develop and utilize a workforce built specifically for their project and business related needs. We continue to work closely with everyone in this process to make sure we are continuing to evolve and adapt to your business’s changing needs.

Centralized Delivery Solutions – Find a network of globally unmatched talent in the technology fields you need through our team of specialized recruiters. We will help you find the right people quickly.